Saturday, February 23, 2008

Salad Dressing

Algunas veces me encuentro como en un trance de zombie...por alguna razón desconocida para mi, ando caminando como personaje de la Dimensión Desconocida.

Esta tarde me fue mal. Estaba tratando de limpiar la cocina, y tenía trastes que enjuagar y poner en la lavadora de trastes; yo no se que pasó, pero de pronto le di vuelta a un plato que tenía un trastecito con aderezo cremoso de ensalada; el aderezo, cayó sobre los vasos limpios que estaba sacando de la lavadora, ¡Gran relajo!, hube de dejar los vasos allí para que se laven de nuevo, recoger las manchas de aderezo del suelo y por fín, continuar con lo que estaba haciendo. De pronto me doy cuenta que tengo la pierna izquierda del pantalón toda llena de cremoso aderezo, ¡Las manchas me llegaban hasta el zapato! Agarré unas toallas de papel, y me limpié el pantalón, mojé una toalla de cocina con agua caliente y me lo pasé sobre las manchas, me lavé y sequé las manos. Acto seguido continué sacando los trastes limpios de la lavadora, un plato tenía unas gotitas de agua todavía, y no se porque decidí secarlo con esta toalla de papel que estaba allí, a la mano. ¡Llené el plato de aderezo cremoso! ¡Era la toalla con la que me limpie el pantalón!!! Man! ¡Que desorden! Una hora antes, había limpiado la alfombra de la sala de estar, porque a los pequeños se les cayó...lo adivinaron, ¡Claro, que mas podía ser?
Un trastito con aderezo cremoso.

The Last Day of Fifty

The last few hours of my 50th year on earth are wanning. Tomorrow, I become Fifty-One. Man! I remember the day I turned Fifteen, and Eighteen, Twenty-One, even Thirty, they all were very good years. Amazingly enough, and, perhaps, for some scary reason, I am enjoying this new stage of my life. I am a full fledge card carrying member of the AARP¡ I flash that card everywhere I go, and get all kind of discounts, and respect! It is more powerful that my AAA Premier Advantage Card }:-) .

I know talk grandma talk, wherever and whenever I can. And if you are unaware, I will show you the pictures of my grandbabies and of my beautiful daughters. You must oblige, after all, I am a "mature" lady and you will want to show me some courtesy >:-P

A lot of times, I am tired ; it is hard to rest most of the day, watching all of my favorites re-runs (of those shows I did not have the time to see, when I was younger and stronger, and working full time, on top of raising children!); plus playing my online game tournaments, all that really keep me busy. Sure, sure, I keep house, do laundry and dishes, cook for two and clean and mop; but, then again, who doesn't?

Life has been good to me, thanks to Bobe who has always been a loving and supportive companion, and to the girls, who after all, did finish school, did not become teen mothers and under no circumstances brought a gangster home posing as a boyfriend! Life has been good, living in America for most of it, I know I am very priviledged. Life has been good, my mother is still alive, my siblings are lovely and loving people, my health is not completely gone.

Tomorrow, I wonder if I will remember early in the morning, or until someone mentions it, that it is my birthday; after all, the grandbabies are spending the weekend here, and they keep me jumping on one foot, from one activity to the next!

Life has been good.